Root Riff is hiring the member who will be working under following conditions.

  • This is a start up company, very fast decision is required
  • This is not a big company, very unstable condition
  • New idea to make a company grow is required
  • Unable to rely on company’s name, your skill and name themselves are products of company
  • Not just a part of organization, but also be independent and gain your profit by yourself

Careers are here

Hiring process

Our hiring process

  1. Document screening
  2. Technical assesment ( different on careers)
  3. Interview
  4. Employment

Advantage for employees

Root Riff is a start up company, we gather the ideas how to return company’s profit.

Followings are just example, we will let them go into effect on demand.

ex) Technical Lab, exam fee (such as CCIE lab) , bonus based on performance( for both engineers and sales), internal technical training, become a board member

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