What is the valuable training? That is NOT just on the paper but make students more valuable in the market, utilized on the filed from what they learned, and needed in current and feature environment.

About 9 years ago, virtualization technology just came up and mainly used for legacy application reservation and reducing the physical devices. And 9 years ago, we had thought that this kind of technology would be in Networking field and all technology would be in together.

Then after 9 years, IT infrastructure has been rapidly combined by virtualization technology, so network, server, and storage are mixed together in one physical device. Engineers are required to have a many various skills in these days.

Our trainings are focused on the technology which high demand in current and feature.

*All training material is audited by our CEO Yoshi.

Root Riff – Skills Assessment LAB for CCIE Routing and Switching

Root Riff – Based on real project, Learn and get skilled of UC basics 2days

Root Riff – Design, Implement, and Operate Fire Wall in Multi vendor environment

CCIE Mentor Service

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