In these days, IT infrastructure industry has a huge concern that out of resources all the time and spending so much time and cost to reserve the resources. Moreover, having questions such as “These resources are really utilized?”“May be just wasting costs?” in reality.

So Root Riff Systems, Inc. provide the one of the best technical service with world’s first and only 8xCCIE/CCDE holder to provide resources on demand.

Our technical backbone service can meet the following customer demand.

  • Would like to have a help which can support Network, Security, Wireless, UC, Data Center, Virtualization, Server, English in all one package
  • To reserve the resource such as CCIE level is very high cost, so more instant service is needed.
  • Just one shot task, but need high skill engineer
  • In the project, just technical weak point needs to be covered and not full time resource is needed
  • Only consulting and design review is needed

We meet the requirement as above with our technical backbone service.

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