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Root Riff Systems, Inc. Announces Distribution Agreement with Information Development, Co., LTD Over the Leading AI Security System Seceon OTM.

July 27th, 2017

Root Riff Systems, Inc.

Root Riff Systems, today announced a distribution agreement with Information Development, Co., Ltd, Japan’s leading systems integration and IT outsourcing company. The partnership will allow both Root Riff and Information Development to provide the leading-edge AI security system Seceon OTM.

Today, companies are facing various of cyber threats problems including Advanced Persistent Threats and Ransomware that it is an important task to strengthen security system. Increasing developed and sophisticated attacks leave no choice for companies to install multiple security systems including IPS/IDS, Sandbox, Proxy, SIEM and others to have multi-layered approach since the simple system may miss the threats.

However, as the types of systems grew in number, these, stated below, are urgent issues should be solved.

1.Cost and cyber security operation high-load may occur.

2.Staffs with ability to analyze security log from cross-sectional view should be needed.

3.Delay in understanding, handling and responding the threats may occur caused from analyzing multiple logs and encountering unknown threats.

Installed with advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning predictive behavioral analytics, Seceon OTM will be the solution for these issues.

Seceon OTM provides cost-effective, operationally-efficient and comprehensive protection. The solution detects known and unknown security threats by leveraging machine learning and dynamic threat intelligence, automatically and in real-time. This makes it easy for staff without knowledge of cyber security to understand and handle the incident.

Figure 1: How Seceon OTM operates

Seceon OTM can be installed in any hybrid cloud architecture and completely agent-less, regardless of company size or business types. Furthermore, managed security service providers(MSSPs) can deploy the security system. Many companies and education institutions in abroad, including major security provider companies and state universities, adopted the security system, earning a great reputation for its performance.

Figure 2: How Seceon OTM constructs

Endorsement from Seceon CEO Chandra Pandey

We are very excited and pleased to have partnership with Root Riff Systems, Inc., Japan’s IT company with high-end skills in dealing with increasing complexed and diversified IT infrastructure. The partnership will promote our concept, providing simple, comprehensive, fully-automated approach to detect and stop the threats that matter, to the Japanese market.We appreciate the opportunity and offer Root Riff Systems, Inc. a strong support as a business partner.

Root Riff will strengthen the security system and product business, focusing on the leading-edge AI security system Seceon OTM. We will continue to develop global technology service business not only in Japan but worldwide by providing the internationally newest products and service, leveraging our high skills and knowledge.

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