Information Security Basic Policy Information Security Basic Policy

The basic policy on information security of Root Riff Systems, Inc. is as follows:

Root Riff Systems, Inc. provides consulting, design, and construction services related to our customers' information infrastructure. Therefore, we often handle our customers' security information, and it is crucial to provide safe and reliable products and services to our customers and maintain and continue a high level of trust with them.
Considering this situation, our company recognizes the preservation of information assets as one of the important management issues and will continuously work on information security measures as follows by establishing an information security management system:

1. Establishment and Operation of the Information Security Management System

We will define the basic policy on information security management, clarify our company's role and responsibility for information security, and implement it.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations related to information security and other norms.

3. Establishment of a System

We will appoint an executive in charge of information security measures and establish a system to promote information security measures by setting up an information security measures committee.

4. Implementation of Education and Training

We will continuously conduct education and training on information security and ensure thorough understanding among our employees.

5. Review and Improvement

We will strive for periodic reviews and improvements to ensure information security.

June 1, 2019

Root Riff Systems, Inc.
CEO, Yoshihiro Okayama